End of the Month Post

We have now reached the end of the blogfolio. On behalf of the team, we would like to thank our English 2 and Emtech teachers- Sir Kaye Delostrico and Sir Bilson De La Fuente for helping us all throughout the quarter.

This has been The Voice of The Youth, signing off.

Ysabel Estrellas, Layout Artist.

Cancel culture: The Good, The Bad and the Filthy

Cancel Culture, also known as the modern form of ostracism meaning, exclusion from a society or group. Ostracism was a procedure in the Athenian democracy in which any citizen can be expelled or banished from the city of Athens. Similar to…

The Fight against Toxic Masculinity

First of all, let’s say what it’s not like. No one claims that all masculinity or that men themselves are toxic or bad. You are free to enjoy things that men stereotypically like with no judgment — sports, cars, and the opposite sex. There is…

She’s Speaking Up: The Untold Truth behind Rape Culture

We live in a society where misjudgment, mistreatments, and violence shelters. Societal norms have been known to only listen to one side of the story. The people who are often affected are the victims of sexual violence who have suffered tremendously…

Embracing the Unconventional: Defying Gender Norms

Why is there no Jane Bond? Intelligent, charming, sly, ingenious — all words used to describe the notorious James Bond and all apparent traits of a man. How often do you see female spy portrayals in films? The truth is, you are more likely…

Do you jump in the Body Shaming train or stop it in its tracks?

Stop trying to fix your body, it was never broken. Nobody should feel shame over their weight, clothing size, or body shape. Many of us may not be aware of the hurtful comments we say to…

Meet the people behind TVY!

The Voice of the Youth, also known as TVY, is a blog run by 7 students from the group 4 of Liceo de La Salle’s STEM 11 H. The team consists of article writers, editors, and layout artists incharge of running the blog. Though formed randomly for a 3rd quarter Performance Task, the team shares one common goal in mind — to educate the miseducated, and to spread truthful information about social issues. With this, the team hopes to become a platform that represents the voice of the youth. For this month, TVY will be tackling social norms through a blogfolio entitled: “Social Norm or Social Issue?”

Ysabel Estrellas, Layout Artist.

The Voice of the Youth

The Voice of the Youth is a blog that aims to spread awareness about social issues and to serve as a platform that represents the voice of the youth.

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